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Energy Audit

An energy audit through the ENERGY STAR Home Performance Program is an exhaustive home diagnostic check that provides very detailed information about various aspects of your home and gives us a good idea of where you should spend money to make energy saving repairs and improvements.

Energy optimization comes with many benefits, including increased comfort in your home, more consistent pressure and airflow in the home, reduction in wear and tear on heating and A/C units, thus prolonging the life of the central cooling and heating equipment and finally, reduced allergens in the home. In addition to these benefits, APS and SRP offer rebates for homes that receive energy audits, which can offset the costs of the needed improvements.

The Energy Audit Process goes by the Building Performance Institute standards and identifies the needed energy improvements required to maximize your home’s energy efficiency performance. Through these improvements, most homes can increase their efficiency by as much as 30% and find significant saving on their energy bills.