Heating and cooling systems, like automobiles, are often a complete mystery. Other than the obvious air filters in the ceiling, and the thermostat on the wall, the rest of the equipment is out of sight, and largely ignored until is stops working. This leaves many folks vulnerable to dishonest technicians attempting to sell service or parts that are unnecessary or not even broken.

Need a second opinion? Just like major surgery, it's always a good idea to get a second set of eyes on a problem and compare solutions.

Give us a call and have us come out for an honest second opinion before having any parts replaced or service performed. We'll come out for free and give you an estimate, which will help you be more sure that the work you get done is what really needs to get done.

Bear in mind that most larger A/C companies pay their technicians on commission so it is in their best interest to sell, sell, sell. We don't work that way.