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When You Should Get Serviced

In order to keep your unit running smoothly, biannual services are a must. These checks ensure that your unit is working at it's maximum capacity as well as saving you as much money as possible. Electricity isn't cheap in Arizona and we want your bill to be as low as possible all year long. Up to 5% of efficiency can be lost if your unit is not well maintained.

Efficiency can be lost due to such issues as a dirty coil, over-heated motors and lack of refrigerant. FreshBreeze can ensure that all of these things are checked and that you are not being up-sold or falling victim to pushy sales tactics in the process.

For prompt service, we recommend that you have us inspect and service your heating and cooling system each spring and each fall.

As the temperature rises in the summer we get very busy doing repairs and it is nearly impossible to get to seasonal maintenance calls.

Spring and fall system tune-ups are a great way to prolong the life of your equipment and to keep it running efficiently as possible. There are more than 20 different components that need to be inspected and or serviced in order to keep the system working in a clean and efficient manner.

Although a handful of service companies use biannual tune-ups as a way to get a salesman in the door, however it is our true desire at FreshBreeze to help you keep your system operating at it's optimum level of performance.