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It was truly by the grace of God that Fresh Breeze got its start.

Shortly after moving to Arizona Ben's father Tate started attending a church of around 300 people. The church was in a rented building and almost every Sunday as worship started the air-conditioning system would malfunction and of course, being Sunday no repair man was available.

It was at that moment that Tate thought, “If only he knew how to repair AC units he could save the day.”

Tate began researching and attending trade school, taking night classes and soon after the church folks were not only enjoying cooler Sunday Service, but quickly began using his Fresh Breeze Heating and Air Conditioning company to repair air conditioners at their homes and business. Some of these people are still customers today 30 years later!

Tate's love of repairing heating and cooling systems is shared with his son Ben who with his wife Rachel continue the tradition of helping folks stay cool in Arizona.